Past Internships

Both internships were recognized by the University of Mary Washington under the School of Business. Each role was approved as three academic credits, meeting the University’s experiential learning requirement. The professional sponsor supervising the internship was Gary Carroll, the Goshen Scout Reservation Director and Staff Adviser for Amangamek-Wipit Lodge.



Lodge Intern | Amangamek-Wipit Lodge #470 | Order of the Arrow

The lodge intern administers and facilitates the collection of membership data though Lodge membership procedures. Specific duties are outlined below.

Membership Committee Chair: Administer regular meetings over the phone, in the field or in the office. Set weekly agendas moving forward to keep up with the constant change in membership reporting. Evaluate progress and amend procedures as needed.

Lodgemaster Database Administrator for Amangamek-Wipit Lodge: Administer the lodge database holding information on over 40,000 members. Manage all Lodgemaster user accounts and privacy agreements of the 23 chapters and 5 OA service area Advisers, Associate Advisers, Chapter Chiefs, and other members and professionals within the National Capital Area Council (DC-MD-VA and recently added Virgin Islands Chapter). Produce dues forms, membership cards, and membership rosters. Provide labels for Lodge Newsletter mailings, Chapter mailings, and membership cards. Mail membership cards and file dues forms for active members.

 Membership Statistics: Keep 23 Chapters membership chairs and advisers informed on the status of their “Active” Chapter Membership by periodically distributing updated rosters. Produce all Charter renewal membership statistics for submission to Boy Scouts of America, National Order of the Arrow Committee. Provide “Journey to Excellence” statistics to both the Lodge and Chapter for use in determining the Quality of the Order of the Arrow program within the National Capital Area Council.

Trainer: Develop and carry out all Lodgemaster specific trainings. Develop training materials and create and update seminar curriculums. Teach in group settings and one on one.

Auditing: Facilitate membership audits between Lodgemaster and Boy Scouts of America ScoutNet. Develop a system to scrub the database of members who no longer wish to be engaged.

Membership Project: Create a 3 year membership growth plan. Include ideas that cross into the other operating committees. Develop a survey to ascertain why and when members decide to leave the Order of the Arrow. Develop a comprehensive list outlining the benefits received from continued membership in the Order of the Arrow. Using the Database, implement a program that will help re-engage members who are not current on their dues. Develop a plan to hold social events that will re-establish ties to former members. Market these events via email, social media, postcard and other effective ways to communicate the message.

Plan and carry out any additional duties as may be assigned by the Lodge Chief and Adviser.

NCACGoshen Scout Reservation Intern | National Capital Area Council | Boy Scouts of America

The Goshen intern will learn about the development of processes that will help with the implementation of the Goshen registration website, Goshen programs, staffing, customer service, and fiscal management. The intern will have direct influence on how Goshen will run in the 2015 season and the research provided will help shape summer operations. The specific duties are outlined below.

Web Management: Update and edit content at and on a regular basis. This includes but is not limited to the addition of frequently asked questions, photographs, store items, and general information.

Surveys: Develop a survey that asks our customers about their experience and whether they are likely to recommend Goshen Scout Reservation to another unit. Work with the Marketing/Communications department to make this survey available via multiple platforms including as a part of a mobile website.

Fiscal Management: Using the needs lists provided by the Camp directors, find the best possible price for the items needed to provide program at Camp. Compare this to the budget and then share with the Camp Directors whether they will need to make any modifications to their requests.

Hat Dispersal: Distribute Goshen hats in April when they arrive. Maintain database to ensure that the appropriate quantities are distributed to each unit. Maintain an additional and separate database for the hats that will be embroidered. Develop a system that effectively distributes embroidered hats so they do not need to be distributed during Summer camp.

Work with youth and adult members of the Order of the Arrow to ascertain which 20 items need to appear in our camp Trading Posts to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our Scouts at Camp.